The reason for going to Vietnam this time is really vague. Maybe it’s easier to get a visa, maybe it’s for a certain person, or maybe I just have friends in Vietnam. But no matter what the reason is, it will make this trip very meaningful, but unfortunately, this may be my last trip to Vietnam, and I will probably never set foot in that homeland again in the future.

In fact, it is more about the expectation for the woman who has been buried in my heart for five years. I had the pleasure of meeting her when I went to Vietnam five years ago. Until now, I had been looking forward to us getting together, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a tragedy, but I still have no regrets about it.


I arrived in Hanoi on the afternoon of April 30th. As soon as I landed, I took a taxi to her house because I brought her a lot of specialties. The moment I landed, I felt that Vietnam was so hot, as if I had entered a furnace. Fortunately, the air conditioning in the taxi was on. When we arrived we had no problem meeting her. After five years of not seeing each other, we are still the same. She bought me a glass of water and I delivered the specialties to her house and we went out to eat. The food in Vietnam is the same as in China. It's not cheap. Then we booked a hotel directly and took a taxi back to the hotel. The hotel is adjacent to West Lake and has a rooftop coffee shop. To be honest, I was very satisfied with this hotel during those days. , free breakfast is provided, and you can also do laundry. Although there is a fee for laundry, the overall service is good.

In the evening, I invited my good friends from Vietnam to come to my hotel for a drink. I don't know if she will come back because of the language barrier. Fortunately, she came last and she was very beautiful in her evening gown. The two sat together, enjoying the wind of the West Lake, listening to songs, drinking and chatting. It was a really enjoyable evening.

First day

Since I didn’t go to Halong Bay last time I came to Vietnam, I decided to go there this time. She said she was going to Halong Bay to look at a house and she could take me there. So early on the morning of May 1st, she and her real estate agent came to pick me up. After driving for a long time, we arrived at the place where she was looking at the house. She took a cursory look at the community plans and model homes. Not satisfied, she drove around again. It was already noon and then we went to have a light lunch. Finally, after our agent left, we headed to Halong Bay Marina.

Due to my language barrier, she was the one who contacted the ships going out to sea. I only knew that Halong Bay is known as Guilin on the Water, and I knew nothing else. During this period, we were walking back and forth, and she actually held my hand. I was so happy at that time. I thought I had succeeded… Later, when we went to sea, there were only two of us in the same boat. To be honest, I was surprised, haha. And the cost is not very expensive. It seems to be 700 to 800 RMB in my impression. Anyway, it is not more than 1,000 yuan. Please refer to the list below for the specific cost.

Before I came here, I was very yearning for the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay, but after seeing the sea water in Halong Bay, it has not changed my view of the sea in Vietnam. It is really too dirty. . . We drank wine and blew in the wind on the boat. Although it didn't feel like the sea, the landscape was really shocking. There were mountains, water and people, so what else could we ask for?

When we returned to the pier, it was already very late and there was no car. She had to go back to Hanoi. After waiting for a car for a long time, we finally took a taxi back to Hanoi…

The next day

After returning to the hotel, I couldn't sleep. I did something that I regret the most. Yes, I confessed my love to her. I don't know where I got the courage. I texted a lot before falling asleep exhausted. Unfortunately, when I woke up the next day, the results were not what I expected. I explained a lot, but my mood fell to the extreme! I had to eat something, get out into the fresh air and hang out like a wandering ghost. I had dinner with my friends in the evening and spent an unpleasant day.

The third day

Because I didn’t see her the next day, I was still feeling decadent on the third day. I went to a place recommended by my friend early in the morning. Maybe I went to the wrong place and didn’t find the fun place. Then she said that she would go there after working out. Go back, I can go find her. So I took a taxi to find her without even thinking about it.

When I went to her house, I didn't give up. I bought a bouquet of flowers and went there. Whether she loves me or not, I think I would be happy to see her. Then we went to Lotte Tower together, but I found that she was in a hurry. In fact, I really want to have a drink on the rooftop and enjoy the breeze. She ended up taking me to eat at her favorite restaurant, and then she brought her friends too. Later we went to drink milk tea, but I was actually not happy inside because I knew everything was irreversible and our ending was a foregone conclusion. After his friend left, we quickly left the milk tea shop. We walked along the street. She said she wanted to walk home, maybe just to comfort me. But I'm not one to hesitate, so in the end we said goodbye and went back. That time was also our last farewell…

The fourth day

Because today is Saturday, my best friend in Vietnam invited me to visit Ning Binh, so we got in the car and headed to our destination early in the morning. I have to say that Ninh Binh is still very fun, at least the scenery is better than Halong Bay. It is the most meaningful place on this trip. Sure enough, I still rely on friends when I go out.

What I have to say is that the weather has been really good these days. Maybe God understands me because it is actually quite cool every day. After the tour, we were very tired and took the car back to Hanoi. We originally wanted to go to West Lake to watch the sunset, but on the way we found that the sun was disappearing soon. We happened to pass by Lotte Tower at this time, thinking that we had not gone to the rooftop to have a drink last night. So I immediately got off the bus and bought a ticket and went to the top of Lotte Building. Unfortunately, I still didn’t see the sunset, so I found a place to have a drink and eat some pasta. I have to say that the feeling on the roof of this building is quite good, blowing the wind, listening to music, and overlooking the whole city. It is not comparable to the coffee shop on the roof of the previous hotel. Because tonight is the last night in Hanoi, Vietnam, I feel very emotional.

The last day

It was the last day. My friend didn't go to work, so he came over to play with me. He said there was a place nearby where we could do activities and there were a lot of delicious food, so he rode over early in the morning to pick me up and go out to play. I found out that it was an event hosted by Coca-Cola. There were really a lot of snacks. We ate some and participated in the lottery, but there were so many people queuing up that we chose to give up. Finally we went to Hoan Kiem Lake, where I drew a sketch. Although it was not very beautiful, it was also a souvenir.

Finally, we arrived at West Lake again. On the way, I was going to ask her if she was at home because I was going to the airport soon. I was going to pick up my suitcase, but I didn’t expect that she said she was not at home and couldn’t give me the suitcase. I was really angry at that time, even though He was a friend. During lunch, which was considered a break, he took a taxi home and gave me his suitcase. But he really didn’t expect that I didn’t have any weight at all. At least I invited him to dinner and play in the past few days. It’s the most ridiculous thing. The strange thing is that she actually asked my friend to ask me for the fare. At that time, my whole body really felt cold. . . I had no choice but to leave like this and never see her again. I didn't feel guilty or sad at all about this because she wasn't worth it. Finally, my good friend and I had some more drinks, then took a taxi to the airport and left this sad place.

At this point, this ridiculous trip has come to an end. To be honest, I am still a little sad. After all, I have treated it sincerely, but who knows that all the passion has been wasted. . . In fact, it is not only the unpleasantness caused by this trip, but also the problems in my family, which are difficult to describe in one word, so this record should bring an end to this matter.

In the end, I still believe in love, because the most beautiful love is not obtained, but the passionate feeling of love is the most precious. Let us continue to chase that illusory love…..