Looking back on 2023, a lot has happened in a daze, but it seems like nothing has happened, because this is a relatively unexpected year.

The most impressive thing this year was climbing Jiufeng Mountain, where I almost died. As the old saying goes: if you survive a catastrophe, you will be lucky in the future.

About love: The original plan was to go to the United States. Travel expenses are all prepared. I can say everything is ready and I can just go. But because of a moment of stupidity, I chose so-called love and gave up all my plans, and the result was quite tragic. It lasted less than a week and was over. I think I was too hasty. There is no doubt that this experience added another door to my love journey.

About life: Because I chose to stay at the beginning of the year, I bought another car: Cadillac CT5, then took the driver's license test, and drove to many places, such as Lanzhou/Xi'an/Yunnan/Xinjiang and other places. In about half a year, the mileage exceeded 30,000 kilometers. What makes me most gratified is that I have not had a single traffic accident. In the end I chose to sell the car because it didn't give me a better value. It was hard to explain when selling the car. Because of my dad, I, a cheerful person, had to delay the sale for two months. The relationship with him can be said to be broken. I no longer want to talk to him. We are all adults, so please be well !!!

About work: I have been working in this company for two years. Although I don’t have a direct boss to supervise my work every day and the company atmosphere is very flexible, I have never been lazy at work. My skills have certainly been greatly improved, even English. In this era of economic downturn, I think I should be content with my current salary. Maybe I was one of the best among the computer graduates in our class.

About the future: The world is so big and I want to go out and see it. This year I have driven to many places in China, even to Hong Kong and Macau. I plan to travel abroad next year. I could have gone to Singapore or Japan during the Chinese New Year, but I lost my passport in Hong Kong. It just arrived this morning, but I have already booked a flight to Sanya and cannot change my itinerary.

Regarding living abroad, I think I can no longer extricate myself from staying in my comfort zone. Let it go, I hope something will break the current balance in the future, so I will wait and see for another year. In the 2024, I can go abroad and see more cultures. Maybe I can make a decision after gaining a world view.

Next year is the Year of the Dragon. My surname is also Dragon. I hope that the Year of the Dragon brings good luck. I wish everything goes well and a happy New Year.